[trx_title type=”2″ align=”center”]We Love and Value Our Community![/trx_title]

  At Lemon Drop Cookie Shop we strongly believe in giving back to the community who has helped and makes us who we are today.

[trx_image url=”4654″ alttext=”Arcadia Chamber of Commerce” link=”http://arcadiacachamber.org/ ” href=”“http://arcadiacachamber.org/”]
[trx_image url=”4656″ link=”http://www.monroviacc.com”]
[trx_image url=”4659″ alttext=”Irwindale Chamber of Commerce” link=”http://irwindalechamber.org”]
[trx_image url=”4177″ link=”https://womenscityclubofpasadena.com”]
[trx_image url=”4657″ alttext=”San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce” link=”https://sangabrielchamber.org/”]